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About joe peacock

SIGNING BONUS! Sign up at any level, and you will receive a Patreon-exclusive book that Meghan Hetrick and I are collaborating on -- The Art of Marlowe Kana (Preview Edition), releasing Winter 2019! It includes exclusive art, character designs, cover art, and other Marlowe Kana related art, plus an exclusive Marlowe Kana story only found in this edition!!! Be the first to get all the goodies!)

I'm Joe Peacock, author of the highly-rated Marlowe Kana cyberpunk novel series. I am also a once-and-now-again blogger, where I teach people how to do things I wish I'd known before I learned them the hard way, like managing depression, recovering from life disasters, or winning a fist-fight. I also own and run the Art of Akira Exhibit.

15 Years ago, I pledged that every single thing I write would always be available on the web for free in some form. But, I'm leaving my job to be a full-time writer again. How does publishing on the web for free equate to being a full-time writer? Well I'm glad you asked! That's what Patreon is for!

As a Patron, you gain access to these exclusive, PATRON-ONLY perks: 
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  • A Patron-only newsletter, Yes! Patronize Me! It will contain exclusive stories, writing, and updates for supporters only!
  • Special access in the Discord chat room and all forums (My Blog and Marlowe Kana forums, and any future forums for future novel/show/project sites)
  • Access to Patron-Only t-shirts, stickers, and action figures for Marlowe Kana -- these will be limited number productions each release, with unique designs. Patrons get the goods before anyone else!
  • Early Access to Audiobooks and Soundtrack Albums for Marlowe Kana (And discounts!) 
  • Production materials for the Marlowe Kana albums, audiobooks, and a special, in-development project that only Patrons get updates on (trust me, you want to see this!)
  • (Upcoming) A tutorial series based on what I've learned writing fiction and how to start, write, publish, and sell your novel
  • (Upcoming) Early access to the Precursor To Dystopia, How To Write, and Art of Akira video series, and exclusive, Patron-only videos for each subject!
At higher levels, you also get to suggest blog posts, free Patron-only editions of books, audiobooks, and soundtracks and even be a character in the series!!!

I will also be starting a series on writing, publishing, marketing and selling your own novel, starting in May for Patrons only!

About Marlowe Kana: 
Marlowe Kana is a series set 100 years in our future, taking place in the United American State. The world's population has dwindled, and the Imagen Corporation employs, feeds, clothes, houses, and provides for the 40 million citizens of the United American State. The most famous celebrity is Major Marlowe Kana, an augmented super soldier whose Feed has half the nation's citizens as subscribers. She is the most trending topic on NewsFeed, WarFeed, and SportsFeed, and she's just been found guilty of treason. A separatist group springs her for their own purposes, and she has no choice but to go with them and find the evidence that exonerates her family and herself -- but President Cook and the Imagen Corporation have other plans. 

I self-publish the novels and make every single chapter freely available on the website for anyone who wants to read the entire story. As a Patron, you will get early access to the chapters, plus Patron-Only editions of the paperback and hardcover editions!

  • Marlowe Kana Universe also includes Original Soundtrack for Volume 1 (and more soundtracks are being produced right now!) by Sinewave Sionora
  • An upcoming Audiobook narrated by Jessica Calvello (Attack on Titan, Excel Saga
  • a statue and action figure for Marlowe Kana sculpted by Travers Cooke
  • and a possible animated show (more details as they become available
And as a Patron, you get to see all of the production materials as they are produced (even the secret stuff)!

About My Blog: 
The newly relaunched blog is where I write about feelings -- both good and bad -- and how to deal with them. I also write Precursor To Dystopia, a weekly summation of dystopian-adjacent news, culture shifts, and other crap that points us toward the future we had no idea we were sprinting into.

I used to be a full-time writer, and then Life Happened™ and I had to completely rebuild. I'm finally back in a position where I can write all day again. The previous incarnation had over 75,000 subscribers before I deleted it and started completely from scratch, as 99.9% of it represented viewpoints from a life I no longer live, and I decided to leave the past behind and begin anew. (No, I'm not embarrassed by it, and archives of it are readily available at and across the sites I used to write for if you care to look). I just feel like new beginnings should be just that: New. 

About Art of Akira: 
An internationally traveling exhibit of the original cels, backgrounds, and other production art from the hit 1989 anime Akira. On hiatus for now; Patrons get first-access and exclusive shows when the exhibit starts up again.

Help me make this new beginning a success. I am shooting to earn $1000/month to cover my bills and buy dog and cat food. If I can reach that, I can write for you all day, every day.

Thank you for your support!
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Writing all the time, man. That's the goal. Help me get there! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts