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Hello, I’m Joe and I make comics. I want to make more comics, but I need money so I can dedicate more time towards doing so without having to worry about not being able to afford things like rent or food.

My work is mostly contemporary observational comedy, usually with a heavy dose of melancholy. Sometimes I forget to put any jokes in at all and it’s just plain sad. Past releases include: Like Tweet Match Repeat, a collection of strips about the anxiety our interactions with social media and smartphones cause; Twelve Opinions on Artworks in Galleries, which is exactly what it sounds like; Leftovers, collecting various short-form comics I've made over the last couple of years; and Stutter, an autobiographical comic about how having a speech impediment has affected my life from childhood up to the present day. People said lots of nice things about that last one in particular, including it being named Comic of the Festival at Thought Bubble 2018 and nominated for Best One-Shot of 2018 on Broken Frontier. I also organised, edited, designed and contributed short comics to both the Work and Progress anthology by WIP Comics, a Meetup group I run in London for aspiring comic creators.

In 2019 I also organiser my own comic fair – the Hackney Comic and Zine Fair. It was a great day with over 40 top comic creators and publishers squished into two rooms at a brewery, and had hundreds of people coming along to buy things.

I'm currently working on my next comic, as well as continuing to run WIP Comics and organising the Hackney Comic and Zine Fair. With your help I can commit proper time to getting all this done and filling the world with more funny/depressing stories and drawings.

TLDR: Please give me money. Thanks.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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