Joe Wintergreen

is creating video games, and tools to help other people make video games

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About Joe Wintergreen

I'm Joe Wintergreen, and I make video games and dev tools, write about it, and so forth. I tweet a lot of gifs and tips and so on. I mostly use Unreal Engine 4. This is a link to my blog, which is posted to more often than the patreon, and you can get a bunch of my stuff (some free, some not) on and the UE4 Marketplace. This patreon doesn't have tiers or rewards, because I think it defeats the purpose, but I put a lot of stuff out for cheap or free, and you can pay me hourly to teach you UE4 if I've got time (DM me).

I have a little company called Impromptu Games, sometimes just me, other times me plus contractors. We've made biggish things like InFluxStolen Steel VR and Shotgun Sunrise, and littler weirder things like BioShark Infinite: Game Of The Year Edition, Epic Megajam prize winner Sir Isaac Fruiton and obsolete VR thing Ski Free-D, which is like SkiFree but in VR and the yeti is Jeff Goldblum. Some cool prototypes with uncertain futures are Magenta SunsetLast RoundMothership DownSpacething, and Extreme Bicycle '64, but right now we're doing a stealth gameImpromptu Vector Field Painter is a tool for making vector fields. I also do contract work making AI for The Siege & The Sandfox, and a bunch of other things. I'm known also for my videos and incessant tweets about various issues plaguing the field of level design.

Making games rarely pays for itself, and the more you depend on it for essentials, the less you're able to risk time on anything that won't definitely bring in money. Patreon takes some pressure off, so I can spend some time motivated by concerns other than financial.

If you're into this kind of thing, I'd dig your support.

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