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Welcome to Joey's Patreon team!
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  • General support to help me free up my time to speak for animals and work on projects which help advance the vegan movement.
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Welcome to Joey's Patreon team
per month
  • General support to help me free up my time to speak for animals and work on projects which help advance the vegan movement.
  • Access to patron-only content
Welcome to Joey's Patreon Team!
per month
  • General support to help me free up my time to speak for animals and work on projects which help advance the vegan movement.
  • Access to patron-only content




Hello friends,

I was reluctant to start a Patreon page for a long time because I felt that I could support myself through working a normal job and still continue to make content and do my animal and vegan advocacy on top of that. But I have since had a revelation.
It happened while I was on tour for the first time in the UK. I realised that I needed to spend 100% of my time and effort on helping animals by spreading the vegan message.

Dedicating even 3 days a week to a job supporting someone else's business while animals are being abused and killed by the trillion seemed like a great injustice to me, especially considering all the work that still needs to be done.

This message is so important and it's my calling to be on the front line creating change.

Since starting my Patreon in 2017:
- I have reached tens of millions with my message
- I have had multiple TV and radio appearances
- Gone viral in the mainstream media
- Converted 1000s to an ethical way of living
- Inspired 1000s more to be active. 

It's safe to say without this platform I wouldn't be able to achieve a tenth of what I have so far. 

Thank you all for getting behind me and helping me to be a full time animal rights activist. I don't have the words to show my gratitude, I will show you with my actions though.

My heart is in the right place and I really want to make substantive change to help end the unjustifiable abuse of animals.

The type of work I do: 
- Street Interviews
- Educational YouTube videos.
- Production of films and documentaries exposing animal rights violations. 
- Organise, attend and support activism events.
- Public actions, debates and animal rights outreach. 
- Train activists on how to speak for animals. 
- Public speeches to spread a message of justice for animals.
- TV and radio appearances 
- Systematic campaigning raising awareness about animal right issues. 
- Reach millions weekly across my multiple social platforms. 
This is your avenue to contribute if you feel like you can't do my type of advocacy for your own reasons. We are all in this together and by supporting me you are supporting positive vegan and animal activism. 

Periodically, I will do a Patreon exclusive live stream or Q&A where I will talk about the work I've done and discuss the advocacy I plan to do. I will also answer questions and take suggestions you have regarding my work.

Thanks so much for standing beside me, let's all work together for a more peaceful world. 

(All donations are in USD)

*Important note* 
As a result of the set up of Patreon's transaction procedures, your first donation will be received immediately after your initial pledge. Following this, on the 1st of each month, every subsequent donation will then come out. Thanks guys. 

One time donations? 
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*New: A sales tax has been applied on the Patreon platform from July 1st. It only applies to certain rewards in certain areas. 
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All earnings would go to supporting my work on every level. It would give me the opportunity to save for equipment Camera's, Computers, Software etc to make my work much more efficient and increase my productivity and production value. It will help out with the general cost of living; internet, phone, travel, rent, bills, equipment, food, cost of accommodation and cover any other financial obstacles. This would partially go into to recruiting assistance. I need help managing the workload with filming, assistant editing and social media management or general project planning. The amount of time effort and work it takes to do this by yourself is mentally, physically and emotionally taxing, so of course help is necessary. Any funding I receive has helped to facilitate my advocacy and I have had the freedom to do so much more. Thanks so much for getting behind me!
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