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About Joey Cuties

My name is Joey, I am a single person business owner startup company based in Malaysia.
I am also a Little, ABDLer, an International ABDL fashion designer, Product Model for Joey Cuties® or 

While I was in my early 20's, I start up my own business of ABDL theme back on early 2016 because there is a request from adult babies all over the world to have my design and to contribute my idea and effort to the great fantasy world that I have been embraced since I was 4 years old. All of the product that sold at my website are handmade, high-quality product by me.  

I love to inspire people on what I am doing best, the things that I dreamed of achieving in life and being able to express myself in my own way. Today's, my dream turned into a mission--it's the right time to strive for success doing things that I love since I was a kid.

I am a self-taught fashion designer. I do not know how to sew two years ago, but I put on a huge effort to learn it on my own, and to mastering the apparels production mostly related to pyjamas, adult onesie. It requires me to put on realistic imagination, hearts intuition, something I'd love to have and appreciate in my whole life. I do a lot of design, a range of product to fashion design for specific audience and community all around the world specifically to the ABDL international community, modelling, artwork, video and sound production-- all of the creative works that I have been passionate about. I love to make an adult babies jammies as how much I am willing to spend my time to self-learning on how to sew and making quality design. I have a few collection and design that I love since I was little and I want to put them into reality when I grew up. I spend my time to design them from scratch and upload all my work, jammies that I design and sell them on my social media and my website

Once the product or cloth design process was done, I would usually become a model of the design and publish them online on eBay, Instagram joeycuties_international,
my facebook page, Tumblr and my personal store website.

It's quite a long process, requires a tremendous amount of energy for me to run a company on my own--yet it's absolutely enjoyable, satisfying and pleasurable experience for being a part of designing and making something special. Almost every day I design something new or completing orders from the customer, apparel that's most common that has a symbol of uniqueness, cuteness and quality craftsmanship by me own very taste and quality standard like pyjamas, sleepwear, play wear.

Patreon is a platform for me to use to collect some funds to support what am I doing in life which is something related to ABDL or infantilism. I need to have some funds to help me to complete the order, to create more audio, visual and video content, to rents a shops, to hire an employee to complete the order, sewing, or paying the bills and so collecting a funds or financial support is something that I really in need of help with. 

Back in 2016 before I started Joey Cuties Enterprise, I have invested my own salary and credit card to buy some sewing machinery, raw material and couple years ago before I resigned from my day job at a big tech company--it's a resignation because the company I am working on has lost their project to another company which is unfortunate for me, but at the same time I have a great experience working with the big tech company IBM corporation as IT lead product specialist over there for two and half years. during the first year, I am a part-time university student in Multimedia University under a post-degree in creative arts and multimedia. I supposed to have a degree in cinematic arts but I am lack of funding during that time to further my undergraduate program and so I finished with just a post-degree foundation certificate of creative multimedia courses.

During my university year, I try my very best to get a job to fund my studies and finally I landed a part-time job at University campus an Apple store--selling Apple products for 6 months, after that I try to apply for a full-time job at IBM corporations headquarters company which is about 1 miles away from my university. I started as an IT technical agent for the first year and promoted to SME lead product specialist during my second and half years which I adapted very well about the IT technicality, product diagnostic and repair services, company SOP and processes, management, and building excellent customer relationships. I spoke and create a mutual relationship with many people and finding a solution for them starting with the customer, answering the phone call from an onsite engineer at 3 am in the morning, depot engineer, the project manager, the case manager, the technical agent employees. I also learned about the communication, professionalism, the culture of the other country in Australia and New Zealand for most of our IBM customer are based on--the end user, the school teacher, principal, the government organisation, military, top 100 company, the service provider. It's one of my first time greatest honour of serving the international customer before I started to start to set up my own proprietor company, Joey Cuties Enterprise.

 Back to my Joey Cuties, the reality is here; Sometimes as a lone person startup-- its a lonely path to be an enterprenuer and someone who do all the job on my own, I’d have to stay up all night just to complete an order from a customer and I know it is going to be a huge task and commitment but I will make it through no matter what and of course sometimes I encountered delay in processing the order because I am passing out of overwork and sometimes I may need some help. It'd be somehow paid off when my customer is happy with the design and they share their photo and review which keeps me going day after day. I may have a sleepless night just to complete some of the adult babies jammies because I know how they appreciate the design just the way I love them for my whole entire life.
 If you love what I am doing please contribute to my patron and I highly appreciate your support and thank you for always be there and I would be for you too! 

"Where Fantasies & Memories Live Forever".
Stay Cuties,

Founder, Product Model, Designer of Joey Cuties® @
$32.22 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 per month:
  1. I would start saving to rent a shop.
  2. Create two videos weekly, full HD youtube videos about onesie review, diaper review, how to videos, creative ads, music video.
  3. I would give a credit and name listing of my Patron on all social media platform, contributor list on my official Joey Cuties website, any of my video published. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts

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