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This tier is for those of you who like to use adblock (and I don't blame you if you do), but still wish to support the channel. There are no special benefits as I don't not like the idea of locking content behind a paywall. This tier is simply for those wish to support me without a heavy financial burden, and I greatly appreciate it 




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About Joeylinkmaster

My name is Joey. I'm just a simple guy who loves to game and chill. I started at the age of 5 with the first Sonic the Hedgehog and I've loved the hobby every since. I'm mostly a nintendo fan but I'm willing to play all sorts of games. My favorite series include Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros.

I will be live streaming on twitch and uploading the vods to youtube. Right now, I'm simply getting started on twitch, but one Super Smash Bros Ultimate comes out, I will be streaming a lot more, I will mostly be streaming nintendo games and the occasional hearthstone, but I will be streaming other types of games from time to time as well.

If you for any reason wish to support me, you may do so here. It will never be required, but will be greatly appreciated

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