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My name is Joey Lott. I'm the author of as well as over 40 self-published books.

I create blog content, videos, books, and more, sharing with you my explorations of life and skillful living.

Some call it spirituality. Some call it philosophy. Some call it independent thinking.

I call it honest inquiry.

And I think we all need more of it.

I believe that in a world of sound bytes and click bait, we need more contemplative influences.

And that's what I'm offering.

I am interested in what allows us to live better lives , lives that we feel are worth living, lives in which our suffering is reduced, lives in which we are happy to be alive despite the pain, loss, and difficulty we inevitably experience.

Doing what I do requires a lot of time. And if you value what I offer, please make a monthly pledge of financial support.

My goal is to make a minimum of $3000 a month through supporters like you. That will enable me to continue to produce content that you value.
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