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About JD Erotic Arts

Hey there, Folx!

If you don’t know me already I'm Joey Dean, or @joeypokes. I'm based just outside of Toronto, Canada working as a full-time freelance designer and advice blogger by day, and tattoo artist and erotic illustrator by night. 

I put the “lust” in “illustration” with my minimalist erotic linework, depicting humans interacting in primal and intimate ways.

What you should know:

  • All of my content it 18+, sorry kids.
  • I created this patreon as an outlet to post my erotic art, as the internet seems to ban it almost everywhere. 
  • My current goal with this page is to grow into my style, and drawing for you is what will get me there!
  • I’m looking forward to creating more content than just still illustration in the future, but for now I have my current tiers available!
  • All adult content is marked appropriately.
  • This page is art, NOT PORNOGRAPHY!

Thanks for sticking around and you will hear from me again soon! Enjoy this clip of me doing my daytime gig :)

~ Joey Dean (He/Him)
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