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is creating representation for LGBTQ+ folx through design & writing

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Joey is working to provide representation and to give a a voice to Transgender and LGBTQ+ folx through his digital artwork and illustration. 

“I began as a traditional illustrator, specializing in nature and humanity—I studied the dichotomy of humanity’s dependance and impact on nature, and in-turn nature’s impact on our society.
Now my work has evolved from “speaking for the trees” to speaking for my community.”

He uses pop-culture and parody-type-comedy in his designs to connect a diverse group of people through laughter and joy.

“Being Gay* is already so hard, sometimes laughing it off is all you can do. Whenever I hear someone laugh at my work, I feel like I’ve done my job.”

If you don’t know me already I'm Joey Dean. I'm a Transgender Illustrator based just outside of Toronto, Canada. My day job is designing and web-based illustration. I'm also working as an editor and advice blogger in addition to live-streaming digital art and video games online during my leisure-time.

My current goal with this page is to fund my medical needs and transition

I love sharing my process and showing behind-the-scenes glimpses while I'm working on anger projects. I'm awful at keeping secrets, so this is where I post all my secret plans and schemes... I’m looking forward to writing more advice on trans-health and wellness as well as artist lifestyle and tutorials and posting early blog post drafts for Patron-only feedback.

What to expect:

  • Comics—that's right! I'm finally going to be posting my comics on Patreon and probably not anywhere else because I'm too embarrassed
  • Other bonus content - Thank you so much for the support! You now have access to my extra patron-only content as well as monthly phone or computer wallpaper, or monthly sketchbook pdfs (exclusive 5-10 pages of studies, drawings, notes, and sketches).
  • Early access - Access illustration process videos from rough-cleanup-colour and other video content. You get to see my finished work before everyone else!
  • Behind-the-scenes - See glimpses into my work life and rough drafts (requests are taken)
  • Suggestions and polls - Become included in my creative process and influence my work with the opportunity to vote on projects and new rewards!

Once I have more patrons I will add physical-reward tiers; things like stickers, buttons, zines, prints, and more every month!

You will hear from me again soon, but for now enjoy this clip of me doing my day job, designing for my  Etsy shop—just a glimpse of what you can expect to see in the future!
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Once I have enough people interested in my work, I will publish my first Art-book!

It will contain my comics, creative writing and storytelling alongside my favourite sketches and doodles—including some very personal non-fiction entries

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, subscribe and become an Official Patron to show your interest!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 97 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 97 exclusive posts

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