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Welcome Everyone! I'm José Aguirre. JOFRAVIMUSIC is an abbreviation of my name + music (JOsé FRancisco Aguirre VIllarroel MUSIC)

I really love music. I grow up in a family where everyone is a musician and now I want to share with you this passion and talent and make you have fun.

I love improvisation and let my heart speak through the music. Also, I want to play whatever you want and make arregment to songs you love.

I play piano, guitar, flute, violin and others. I'll show you it on my videos.

If you support me, you'll get some tiers for your kindness. I want you to be part of this marvelous process of making music and creating content.

I'm not a native english speaker but I'll try to do my best to communicate with you through the music.

Keep your eyes open! I will be creating music just for you!
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