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About John Geenen

Welcome to the Patreon account for John Geenen the creator and host of Jack Up Your Thinking and Your Recovery Minute. Each day John delivers inspirational videos through daily emails and his YouTube channels.

Each 60-second daily video is filled with an inspirational, motivational, and spiritual message that perspective is the most powerful tool we have. A simple change in perspective can change a loss into a win, a failure into a success, and a disaster into an opportunity. Your perspective is what turns your life into a wonderful adventure.

John offers his audience a new perspective each day through video and audio messages.

Supporting John on Patreon
John’s daily videos carry the message that there is Something at work in our lives that is all-powerful and can aid us in overcoming failure, fear, and loss by replacing them with hope, happiness, and success.

When you support John on Patreon you help him spread his message of positive thinking.

Writing, filming, and distributing the videos is both time consuming and expensive. Your support on Patreon helps to cover those costs and enables John to reach more people and help them develop a positive outlook on life - something we could all use!

Jack Up Your Thinking
The daily Jack Up Your Thinking video is a natural outgrowth of John’s work as a motivational speaker. Much like the message in his speaker’s keynote address, through his videos, he aims to bring a message of hope, motivation, and inspiration to those who find life to be an ongoing challenge.

To find out more about Jack Up Your Thinking or sign up for the daily emails visit the website. You can also subscribe to Jack Up Your Thinking on YouTube.

Your Recovery Minute
Johns’ daily Your Recovery Minute is a 60-second daily video message for those of us who are in addiction recovery. He feels it is important to know that recovery from addiction is possible by working a program and believing that a Higher Power is active in their life.

To find out more about Your Recovery Minute or to sign up for the daily emails visit the website. You can also subscribe to Your Recovery Minute on YouTube.
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