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 Backing this tier gets you access to a short story per month-- each set in the universe of  one of my books! I'll generally try to get it up early in the month. (One I have planned is honestly probably more of a novella, but  I'm still counting it as a short story for this purpose.)

Scourge of Automatic Doors
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You're helping me get over the indignity of walking into automatic doors. You're truly a noble soul.

Also, on top of the monthly short story, I'll also mention you in the acknowledgements section of my books!




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I'm John Bierce, and I walk into automatic doors with distressing regularity. Seriously, it happens three or four times a year. I'd like to blame it on the doors, but it's really probably just me-- I'm a fast walker, don't pay the most attention to my surroundings, and am hardly the most graceful human alive.

Oh, and I also write novels. I guess y'all are probably more interested in that bit, right?  I'm the author of the Mage Errant series, a mage school fantasy series following the adventures of Hugh of Emblin, who honestly would prefer not having any adventures. It's available on Amazon and Audible.

I started this Patreon for a couple reasons-- first of all, because I want to write short stories, and this would help motivate me to keep on the ball with them. They're all going to be set in the worlds of my books for now-- including any series after Mage Errant-- but eventually I might start doing other stories as well, if I can keep up the pace. (They'd likely be a higher backer reward level.)

The second reason I'm starting this Patreon? I have a LOT of student loans. So many. It turns out multiple degree changes, seven years of undergrad, and over two hundred collected credit hours gets expensive. (Not even counting the failed and dropped classes. Ugh.) Still no degree, either. (I mean, I can probably just heckle the university into giving me one out of pity or something.)

Though, I mean, if you really wanted to financially support me for my habit of accidentally walking into automatic doors, you could, I guess. It'd help relieve the embarrassment a little.

And if you're not into the whole Patreon thing, no worries- I do intend on eventually compiling these stories into anthologies!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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