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My new best friend

$2 /mo
Little Maggie here is a good friend, but, you know, she's tight with a dollar. Chances of getting two bucks out of her? Fuggedaboutit! But for two bucks a month, you're in. As I write each chapter,...

My new favourite.

$5 /mo
Choc chip cookies used to be my favourite, but that was before you. For a lazy fiver-a-month you get to see the entire process. Planning, editing, re-writes, artwork. The lot. You watch the series ...

Master of the Narrative Universe

$8 /mo
You talked and pestered and—lets be honest—a few of you even made some chilling threats accompanied by photographs of my home address. So I listened. I'm opening this reward level for anyone who mi...

You're in the book now!

$10 /mo
Maybe you always wanted to save the world? Hell, maybe you always wanted to destroy it? Achievement Unlocked! Now you can. On this tier, you get all previous rewards, PLUS you get to be a character...