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Even though I make general posts on Patreon, I will only disclose certain interesting projects I am working on... but ONLY if you pledge to my Patreon!  You certainly will gain my respect and gratitude with any pledge of any amount, but this basic pledge gets you access to some of my more exclusive material.  You will otherwise just see generic material I post.  So do you want greater details to my creative material?  If so, pledge [at least] $1 USD today/tonight!
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If you pledge this much, it means you really care about my work and have the finances to support my work.  Some low-priced stuff online costs about $3 USD.  So this level of support is enough to net a fairly decent mobile game.  What you will get in return for this pledge is my gratitude.  It's all about paying it forward!  :)
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My name is John Marine.  Nice to meet you!  I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, USA.  My biggest loves outside of making creative content are motorsports as well as a lot of traditional sports.  I also enjoy drawing.  Now more about my creative work...

For the longest, I have had a knack for creativity and making creative works.  I am a blogger by trade.  It is something I have done on the Blogger/Blogspot platform since 2009.  However, my blogging has been around even when I used to blog on Myspace.  I run four total blogs.  I felt the desire to make videos starting in 2008 when I joined YouTube.  I then explored other avenues ranging from merchandise on CafePress, to music on Bandcamp, to digital media with pixel art and 3D models, and even authoring eBooks.  No matter what, my passion and my love have been offering my own creative works to others.  I have a casually professional mindset where I treat my work seriously but not to the point of being as if my life and success depend on it.  To use as an umbrella for all of my creative content, I took my failed CafePress handle of "JohnMarineDesigns" and instead use this as the handle for all of my creative work published online.

Equally as important as offering creative work is to me, I also believe in positive thinking and in being thoughtful.  I feel life and cyberspace can be completely negative.  My own work helps to offset some of the usual tomfoolery and madness.  When you see a lot of my work, it is a diversion of a lot of the usual stuff online.  Anyone can create a diversion; only few can provide worthwhile diversions.  I also believe everything I post has to have some sort of value.  So I strongly consider making material I think will be useful in some sort of manner instead of something "random."  I tend to be a perfectionist with my work.  Therefore, I have a tendency to want to make my work as complete as possible with little or no flaws.  This is both an advantage and a disadvantage to my work.

I believe in a "pay it forward" mindset where I don't offer much in return except my gratitude and respect.  Despite having a "pay it forward" attitude about profiting from my work, there was a point where I began thinking about taking my creative work as seriously as my blogging.  I felt I have done a lot of creative work to where I would appreciate making decent income from my work.  So I decided finally to join Patreon in hopes of realizing my goals and realizing having a supportive worldwide audience.  I jokingly say I am a "John of all trades," a play of "Jack of all trades."  So if you support my work, you are supporting just about EVERYTHING I publish online.  I don't ask for much.  I surely won't be greedy or look to offer something extravagant in return.  I let my content do that level of talking.  But in all seriousness... I would gladly appreciate your support if you enjoy my work and are willing to pledge to be a patron of my work.  I don't have any traditional job outside of this, so my creative work is my job for all intents and purposes.  Will you help support my work and help me to reach further heights?

• To visit my main blog, go to: (links to other blogs of mine are offered from my main blog)
• To visit my creative works site, visit

Thank you for visiting my Patreon page!  Now go enjoy some of the content I have to offer!
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If a tree falls in a forest, will anyone be around to hear it?  If I post here on Patreon to the world, will anyone be around to acknowledge my existence?  I would love to have lots of people support me and my work.  However, even just one pledge means a whole lot to me.  Anything just to show at least someone cares will make me happy.  I do my best to try to offer up as much content as possible.  The least I can ask for in return is for someone to actually support my work.  Please give me a sense that I am relevant by making a pledge.  You'll help me to keep making and announcing more content for your pleasure.

I am not offering anything in return except gratitude for this goal. It's called paying it forward. :)
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