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Welcome. I am in the progress of re-learning the violin after not playing for 33 years. Prior I played for 8 years, was accepted in the NY State All County Music Festival, and made a record. I hope you enjoy. More to come, and get better as time goes on.

I haven't played the violin since I was 15 years old. I started at 8 years old and gave it up at 15, joined the military at 18 and haven't looked back until now. I picked it back up about two months ago and started practicing on a regular basis. I started back up because it seemed that I kept on noticing Violins and references to music in random places that were just popping out at me. I figured God was trying to tell me something. Which led me to this point so far. God has blessed me with the ability to play this instrument a long time ago; I thank him for allowing me to keep this ability after so many years

Your pledges will give the ability to purchase upgraded equipment such as recording studio electronics, a better violin kit, or kits, and Video recording hardware / software.

I very much thank you in advance for your hospitality. God Bless!!

You can find some of my work already on my YouTube Channel
$0 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 per month, I’ll hire an editor to help me release 1 video per month. I will also begin work on creating albums for special occasions such as Birthday's, Anniversaries, and Holidays such as Christmas to name a few.
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