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About JohnG.

What is up everyone? My name is John and i'm creating reaction/review/challenge videos on YT.I absolutely love doing this and the interaction between you guys watching and me,is something truly special to me! Most of my videos are pretty straight-forward ,but sometimes i like to spice things up with some silly editing and even some cringeworthy intro sketches!

I hope to broaden my creative horizons beyond what i'm currently doing and with your support,i believe that this can happen very soon!

Know that i'm eternally thankful for every single one of you guys ,who just decided to click on any of my videos.That alone makes me super happy! If you decide to help me on this YouTube journey even further by supporting me here,words cannot express how grateful i am.

Thank you all for being awesome!

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Holy balls!

That would be just insane! But in case this happens - Everything from the previous goal will repeat but with 20 songs and a bigger giveaway!
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