John J Dick is creating Brutal and Sexy Horror Photography

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Pledge $1 or more per Completed Photoshoot.
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Every patron will recieve:
  • A picture of your name written in (fake) blood on a model. Use this image however you want. It's my gift to you.
  • Access to my Patron feed, where I talk about behind the scenes stuff, post preview images and give occasional tutorials.
  • I'll occasionally create textures, brushes and patterns that you are welcome to use in your own artwork.
Pledge $10 or more per Completed Photoshoot.
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Noble patrons who pledge at least $10:
  • You can make suggestions for props and murder weapons to be included in a photoshoot. Always wanted to see someone bludgeoned to death with a jar of peanut butter? Just say the word.
  • You have my permission to use any of my artwork for promotional fliers or similar casual use. If you want to use a pic for an album cover or something more permanent, I'm open to talking about it :) If you're a solid patron with a good history of backing my work, I'll probably say yes. In general, I'm gonna be more open to letting patrons use my work... I mean, y'all are helping to fund it. Right.
Pledge $20 or more per Completed Photoshoot.
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You're awesome and generous.
  • I'll dedicate an entire photoshoot to you. Let me know your fears and phobias, or what you'd like to see in a shoot. I'll collaborate with you and do my utmost to cater a shoot to whatever you'd most like to see. Obviously, I have my limitations... but if it's within my abilities, consider it done.
  • If you need help creating fliers or promotional material for your event, it would be my pleasure to assist wherever possible. Need an album cover or a concert flier or anything else quickly thrown together using my artwork? Just say the word. Obviously, there are limitations... I can't afford to take the time to spend hours each day, every day cranking out fliers for you. But one or two basic designs a month is well within reason.