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"Create with the heart of Grace."

I prayed the sinner's prayer 1,000+ times before the 8th grade. I was the kid that walked the aisle to get re-saved every week. Even as a young teen I couldn't deal with the inconsistency, became a closet-atheist and plunged into a five-year World of Warcraft addiction. I started college at 19. I tried my relationship with God again. I roller-coaster-rode up-and-down for another three years and eventually vomited. I didn't find any freedom from addiction. I didn't find any real intimacy with God. And I was convinced I had committed the unforgivable sin. Repeatedly trying and failing to please God led to some serious anger and I middle-fingered Him in my heart with open, obvious rebellion. I was high all day for two years.

Amazingly, I graduated college in five years, trekked to Arkansas for an internship and encountered God as Dad for the first time in a Wal-Mart parking lot. For the next three years, the Holy Spirit taught me the Scriptures in the quiet of my bedroom opening my eyes to the beautiful Gospel of Grace. Soaking in new-found friendship with God, I spent most nights tucked away at the Fayetteville Prayer Room and it was there, as I read John 5, that the LORD breathed vision in my heart for ministry: "Create with the heart of Grace."

You know all those years of perpetual defeat and unhealthy relationship with God was because of one thing: wrong believing. As soon as the too-good-to-be-true-news of Grace planted in my heart and I believed ⏤ the Word did all the work. What I had previously spent years failing to do in my own self-effort, the Holy Spirit did effortlessly once I started believing the right thing. Grace mixed with faith always bears the fruit of security, intimacy, and freedom from sin.

It is my experience and belief that simply proclaiming the gospel of God's Grace will transform the hearts of people looking for intimacy with God. I see an army of unique voices boldly and creatively communicating the ooey-gooey New Covenant realities of Christ's finished work across the world. I am one of those many voices. It is my passion and purpose to lovingly create Grace-based resources, true to the unique gifting and personality the Lord has given me, to act as vehicles for others to experience God. And, music is just one of those resources.

There are endless mediums to leverage for heaven's purpose on earth. I would like to start tackling a few more of those mediums and I need your help. I currently have the opportunity to create music and other Grace resources: a few nights each week. I work full-time and always have. I love adding value to an organization and find fulfillment in it, however, I'm often giving my energy-fumes and seemingly second-best to the "creating with the heart of Grace" vision. My hope is that with the expanse of my music and with your help: I will be able to create full-time. This will mean more music, more touring, more books, more podcasts, more people to join my team, more people encountered, more goodies!

Partner with me in creating more sweet-treat-heavenly-filled-automobiles for God's Grace by becoming a Patron.
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When I reach 500 patrons, I'll release a Patreon-exclusive album that we create together and it will be plain old fun.
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