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Hi, my name is Johnn Four and I publish the Roleplaying Tips newsletter and website for tabletop game masters.

And I think being a game master is awesome. It's one of the favourite things I do in life. You get to use your imagination to design and create stuff. Then you get to play with your creations in games with your friends. And then you get to turn those games into epic stories you tell with your friends that live long after the last dice was rolled.

Sometimes those stories are funny and silly. Sometimes they're intense and serious. And in my sessions, they are often magical and memorable thanks to years of trying to improve and become a better GM. (Plus my players are awesome.)

I started Roleplaying Tips in 1999 to trade GMing tips and advice with game masters around the world. I had no other way to level up my game than through trial and error. And while I love to improve by practicing and running games, I knew there was a lot of people smarter than me out there who had discovered cool hacks, techniques, and aids, and who could help you gain GMing XP even faster.

So I thought about how I could connect everyone together to get some tips being passed around and some discussion going.

And I also thought about why I wanted to do this - because it would take a lot of my time to manage and produce. And I pondered how I wanted this to benefit everyone else. Then I realized it came down to one big desire:

Have more fun at every game!

If you have more fun being a game master, the world wins for several reasons. First, you are a happier and more confident person. Second, your players have more fun too, because your prowess and enthusiasm are contagious. Third, if your game is successful, you'll gain momentum, which means playing more often, which means having more fun more often, which means the world is a better place with happier people in it. :)

So I'm asking you today to become a Patron of Roleplaying Tips to help game masters worldwide have more fun every game.

What You Get

I publish the newsletter brimming with GM tips, hacks, and inspiration three times a week.

This Patreon program helps keep the tips flowing to you and to all your fellow GMs.

It also supports my goals for the website and community I'm gradually building out.

To be clear, the newsletter is going to remain free to all game masters worldwide. I'm not switching to a paid subscription here. This Patreon is for fans who want to support the newsletter and service and me. The newsletter is still free!

Roleplaying Tips Patrons will receive the newsletter and three cool bonuses.

Patron Bonus One: Exclusive Tips

The first bonus is exclusive bonus PDFs. I'll write additional GM tips and tools and aids that will go into paid books at some point in the future, but you get this extra content right now, to use immediately in your campaigns.

Here's what you get instantly, as soon as you become a paid Patron:

Exclusive #1:
Campaign Design Diary:
Freedom, Integration, and Story

Exclusive #2:
The Bale Ghoul Bazaar

Exclusive #3:
Conflict Seeds

Exclusive #4:
Five House Rules to Make
Your Games Effervescent

Exclusive #5:
The But Reversal Technique

Exclusive #6:
Case Study: The Dungeon
Master's Design Kit

Exclusive #7:

Exclusive #8:
Divine Intervention for Low,
Medium & High Level

Exclusive #9:
The Encounter Stat Block

Exclusive #10:
How to Make Clues and Back Stories

Exclusive #11:
Endgame: Great Campaign Closes

Exclusive #12:
Roleplaying City Neighbourhoods

Patron Bonus Two: Priority Requests

The second bonus is you get to request tips topics and you get priority responses to your emails.

Unfortunately, I get so many emails every day now that I can't answer them all anymore. That totally sucks, because I love to chat GMing with anyone and everyone. But I just don't have the time to write my articles and tips and to keep up with all the emails coming in.

So I'm going to take tip requests from you, my Patrons, first. And if you run out of requests for me to write about, I'll go back to the overflowing bucket of public requests and tackle those. So you get to help direct what goes into the newsletter.

Patron Bonus Three: PDF of the Newsletter

And the third bonus I'm hoping you'll find VERY valuable. Once 120-150 pages of newsletters accumulate, I'll take all the tips and articles from them and publish them in a neatly designed PDF.

This is a clean, simple, and print-friendly PDF. So you can finally save and read Roleplaying Tips easily offline on your computer, tablet, or phone. Or you can print them off quick for your GM binder and read them on paper whenever you want.

Become A Patron

To become a Patron of Roleplaying Tips, it's just the price of a fancy coffee. This helps the newsletter get published to everyone, free.

And as a Patron, you also get the three bonuses listed above: exclusive tips, PDF of the newsletter, and faster response from me.

You can cancel your patronage anytime. You get billed at the start of each month. So if you decide this isn't for you, just cancel and you won't be billed again. Patreon does millions in billing every month for all the Patron projects, and they'll be handling your credit card or PayPal payment. So everything is private, safe, and secure.

And just to be crystal clear, because I know this could be an easily misunderstood thing, but I'm not charging for the newsletter. It's been free for 18 years. And it continues to be free to all game masters. You do not have to pay to get the tips.

If you do become a patron, then you are supporting the newsletter and all your fellow game masters, plus the hobby in our own small way. And you'll be getting the cool bonuses that I hope you'll find awesome and valuable.

Right now, here's what I'd like you to do. Click a pledge box on the side. Pledge to become a Patron of Roleplaying Tips. You have my thanks for your support, and the thanks of GMs from around the world who look forward to their Roleplaying Tips fix each week.

Thanks very much, and I'll see you on the inside!

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