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As a fledgling vampire you need the sustenance that JOHNNY HAS THE KEYS provides... and this pledge will keep the blood flowing into your greedy little maw. That's right, little one... just a sip.


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Welcome aboard! You are a cadet in the crew that makes up the JHTK fleet. Your quarters are on our Patreon page, where you have access to areas unauthorized for everyday civilians. 


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Our hotel is large with many rooms... and many ghostly guests. When you join this level you've connected with us spectrally, your presence is felt on a subconscious level that is ever-present, humbling, and just a bit unnerving.


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About Johnny Has the Keys

Johnny Has the Keys is a Horror and Science Fiction podcast, deciphering inspirations, influences, and parallels within the genre. It is the indulgence of life-long friends, David Horton and Tim Smith, and it presented via the magic of podcasting with their enthusiastic –albeit sometimes, sarcastic and profane—commentary. If you’re seeking geeked-out wisdom for all things creepy and spacey, then you have stumbled upon the right show. Uncles Tim and David are prepared to escort you through the long corridors of ghastly themes and speculative similarities. Whether you seek enlightenment, laughter, or explosive tirades of nerdy knowledge, these boys are well-acquainted with horror and Sci-Fi’s many doors.

…and they’re more than willing to share the keys.

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When we reach $1000 a month,Tim and David will each post a video of them doing something embarrassing, maybe singing a Lady Gaga cover. We're open to your suggestions.
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