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Hi, my artist name is Johnny Keys and I am a Rock/Metal pianist.

My education as a pharmacist did helped me somehow in securing a good job but my passion for music and the fire have been burning strong inside of me for more than 15 years, and I've been playing piano since then. 

To be frank, I am a self-taught pianist and to reach this level of playing, I was practicing a lot in the past and have been playing for events and music gigs. Also, I compose my own improvisations and I do piano covers of US & UK songs, especially the 70s and 80s pieces of music in the genre of Metal, Rock and pop. 

I hope you will enjoy my piano covers, as I try to stay honest and as original as possible. Besides, as far as being true to my heart, I don't work for companies or advertise products on my channel, my videos or live streams. Therefore, I need your support as my Patreon to help me keep my fire going strong. You can become a Patreon and donate for my cause :)

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When I reached this goal, I will start a special podcast series in which I invite one or two Patreon to have a Skype interview with me every month :)
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