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About John Oakes Coaching

As a certified fitness professional who has lost 200 lbs (and kept it off easily) I can absolutely provide you tools and know-how to lose weight. However my real gift is teaching others how to get out of their own way.
Let's face it. If someone said, "I'll give you a million dollars if you can lose one pound," would you be able to do it?
Of course you would. You know enough about your body to make the changes necessary to drop a single pound of weight.
So why haven't you lost that one pound already? If you lost it, why did you gain it back and then a couple more to boot?

This is precisely where I come in.

The real lynch-pin in any meaningful life change is your mind. Food choices, lack of activity, life situations. Of course these have an effect on weight loss, but they are all products of the mind.

Is your mind working toward your weight loss or fighting against it?

What if your mind has been stuck, sending you down the same rutted paths every time you try to make changes for the better? What if it's kept you in a cycle of failure and shame?
But what if that could change? What if your tortured relationship to your own decision-making could be undone, untangled? What if losing weight could be like a downhill stroll rather than climbing a frozen waterfall?
Sometimes people look at me in utter disbelief when I tell them that losing weight is easy. But when you discover how much of your fitness has been scuttled by your own thinking, it can be rather shocking. You wouldn't think you could be capable of constantly acting against your own best interests, but here you are, at the end of a long road of doing exactly that.

It's time to end the war inside yourself. Let's get your mental and emotional life back to working FOR you.
Let's help you find the easy way out.

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