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About John Popham

I am passionate about raising the profile of the great work those who work in our public and voluntary services do to make people’s lives better every day.

At this time, perhaps more than ever before, the power of personal stories is particularly evident. In a relatively short space of time we have seen a complete reframing of the narrative about people working in our public services from being a wasteful burden on the nation’s finances to being teams of heroes saving us all from the virus. I have worked for 10 years to get these kinds of stories into the mainstream, and it is vital that, when the current crisis is over, we continue with the effort to tell these stories and prevent a slipping back to previous attitudes.

My work is dedicated to passing on my skills and knowledge in using video, live-streaming, social media and community organising to contribute to making the world a better place.

For more than 10 years now I have been working hard to ensure that our society can harness the power of new technologies to the widest possible social good. In pursuit of this objective I have:

  • Established and run a considerable number of projects which have sought to use new technologies to connect people together to promote social change in their communities, both local areas and among communities of interest;
  • Worked to ensure that as many people and organisations as possible in the public and voluntary sectors are able to tell authentic stories about the difference made by individuals and organisations;
  • Pioneered innovative methods of engaging those reluctant to enter the digital world with new technologies, with a particular focus on ensuring they get enjoyment from their engagement which has the greatest likelihood of ensuring it becomes a permanent feature of their lives;
  • Videoed numerous events and produced films which disseminated their messages and stories to wider audiences; and
  • Trailblazed the use of low-cost video streaming to engage wider audiences in events.

My overriding aim in all this has been to build a movement of organisations and individuals dedicated to using these methods to make the world a better place. Although these tools and methodologies have been available for a number of years now, their use is still not widespread in the public and voluntary sectors, and knowledge of how to use them struggles to penetrate into decision-making circles.

Over the past few years I have built a career doing these things on a short-term assignment and one-off day rate basis. This has been a somewhat precarious existence, and the events of the early part of 2020 have thrown the insecurity of this approach into sharp relief. That is a key reason why the time has come to establish the movement on a more robust basis.

I am therefore seeking partnerships with organisations and individuals with an interest in achieving a step change in spreading good practice, policy and key messages. A crucial part of this will be developing a movement around this Patreon page which will allow individuals in particular to support the growth of the network, In addition I am looking to develop strategic relationships with organisations who want to make a bigger impact in the policy field. If you are part of such an organisation, please get in touch with me for a discussion on how we can work together.

What do you get in return for supporting me? Well, intially, until my support base grows, it will be the warm feeling that you are helping me buy the occasional coffee while I travel around the country. Once support gets beyond $50 a month I will start to develop exclusive content and benefits for Patreons. It would help get to that point if you could share this page around your networks.

If you would like to commission me to document some work, then please get in touch. 

It would also help me greatly if you could subscribe to my YouTube Channel, which is where most of my Civic Storytelling work appears. The link is on the left hand side of this page.
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