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About John Robb

Hello, I'm John Robb.  I write the Global Guerrillas Report.  Welcome!   

What is the Report about?    
The report covers the intersection of War, Politics, and Technology.  Its goal is to provide you with the frameworks needed to make sense of our relentlessly chaotic world.  

Here's an example.

I also produce briefs, numerous podcasts, a "living" workspace document for every month (you can add comments/questions), and 

Supporting Me
Supporters of the Report (thank you very much, my very smart friends) get access to the report, briefs/notes, podcasts (still trying to perfect that medium), workspace, Discord, and access to the report archive.  Your generous support makes it possible for me to do the deep, deep dives required to produce this analysis.  I wouldn't be able to do it without you.   

Here are the basics of pledging support.  There are two decisions you have to make:

  • It's simple.  It's $5 a month for the report.    
  • If you would like to support the other items (podcasts, Discord, monthly working space, briefs, etc.) pledge to support two items a month (that's a total of $10 a month). 
  • If you think this is worth more than $10, and you want to see it continue, you can set your pledge at whatever you feel is appropriate ($20 an item, $50 and item, etc.).  

About Me
Here are some details on my background.  I only offer it to demonstrate that I've seen a few things, had my ass handed to me on more than a few occasions and enjoyed some successes. An experience that I hope makes the GG Report better and more useful.

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