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About John Robson

Things like liberty under law, strong national defence and traditional social values, from monogamy to self-control and honour aren’t obsolete. They’re as necessary today as they were ten centuries ago and more. If you agree, please help support my work.

I’m a documentary film-maker, writer and columnist. I write for a number of publications, appear on radio and create online videos. But it’s all freelance; there’s no salary or benefits. And conventional media doesn’t pay all that well these days. So it’s your pledges and contributions to our crowd-funded documentaries that keep me in business and feed my family. (And yes, once in a long while give us a vacation too. I’m trying to make a living in the broad sense, not just pay the rent.)

Please help keep my work independent by pledging a small amount every month. Five dollars each times a bunch of backers makes all the difference. Thanks for anything you can provide, and thanks to everyone who is backing my work.

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