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Hi, my name is John Swanger; I consider myself a multi-instrumentalist. I mostly picked up playing by learning Aerosmith, W.A.S.P, Twisted Sister, and Ratt from tapes. Soon I started writing and recording. I would take two cassette recorders with built in mics and face them towards each other. I would record on one then play it back while I recorded and played a second “track” onto the other. I finally discovered multi-track recorders had already been invented (duh) so then I used a Yamaha MT100II four-track cassette recorder. I learned all kinds of technics like panning, recording backwards, changing recording speeds, and bouncing tracks on that thing. When I joined the US Navy I went just over a year not even touching an instrument of any kind, but then like an old addiction I bought a Tascam 788 portable eight-track digital recorder found a hiding spot on the ship called a cable trunk hidden just behind a fan room and that is where my second writing and recording wave began. On many of those songs if you listen hard you can hear the ships bells or the whistle over the 1MC intercom system. Over all the years the last time I counted I had over 200 original songs recorded in various stages of completion. Well I got out of the Navy in 2003, started a career (sort of), got married, and had three beautiful kids. All the while not really touching music at all…..then…..out of nowhere… the bug bit again! So here I am again searching for an audience. ... hope you enjoy.


Taylors, SC, USA

I love creating music videos and posting them to YouTube it has become my favorite hobby. Take a look:
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