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About JohntheDuncan

So you've stumbled across my Patreon? I hope it was intentional! 

I should probably do the thing this creation page is telling me to do and explain my "journey"...eugh. So my name's John. I'm a former vice chair and human rights advisor for a secular advocacy organisation and I've recently begun my PhD exploring the relationship between human rights, poverty and neoliberalism.

Recently I thought: hey I can talk about the stuff I'm interested in endlessly but often the people around me are just like....jesus he's still going! So I though you know where I can talk about politics, philosophy and socialism endlessly? YouTube. A home of vacuous narcissists, I'll fit right in!. 

My goal with this channel is to create interesting content that covers topics not really covered in great depths by other YouTubers. Although inevitably there will be some cross over I'm hoping (at least) that I've got a unique enough voice to communicate these topics in a relatively engaging way. Alongside these videos I'll be writing long form essays that explore the video topics in greater depth. As I move forward with my PhD I'm also planning on producing content that reflects the development of my own theories on human rights but we'll see how that pans out...

Anyway, cheers for coming along and reading this far!

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I'm new to this and my content is still developing so if I can reach 10 patrons I'll be chuffed to absolute bits
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