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I'm John Weldy and I'm just a guy.

As I'm writing this, I'm looking at a screen that's telling me how to market myself most effectively, in order to milk the most money out of you that I can.

Screw that.

If you're on this page, you probably already know who I am:
  • I'm a recovering fundamentalist
  • I'm on a crazy spiritual journey
  • I love being me, and can't believe I get to live this life
  • I say and think things that Christians have told me I can't say and think
  • I truly love and value those of you on the journey with me
  • I understand that many of you have been told you can't be who you were born to be and you can't say the things you want to say
  • I want to empower you, to give you confidence and permission to be you
  • I want you to READ, and think for yourself
  • I don't care if you come to different conclusions than me (in fact, I often prefer it)
  • But most of all, I'm just a guy.
I have a podcast, and a FREE book program where I share good books with people all over the world. I do crazy things like wearing a sign that says Non-Judgement Day is Coming at public events and handing our bands that say Acceptance.

But I'm not the point. YOU are the point. If I get millions of followers and this site makes thousands of dollars a month, I've probably failed. But if I help just a few people to release their own unique voice, to be who they were made to be...well, I can think of nothing greater than that.

I'm John Weldy, and I'm just a guy.
And I'd love to journey with you.
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