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I still love sharing stories.

Back when I was a kid in elementary school, I’d ask classmates to give me three things to weave into stories. If someone said “bell, water, lizard” – well, I’d cook up a story about a reptile scrambling along a rock wall to reach a ringing bell in a tower overlooking a lake.

Then I got into journalism, where real-world events in weird Florida presented me with seemingly endless combinations: “UFO, beach, deputy” and “carpet, corpse, trunk” and “commissioner, briefcase, handgun”, just to name a few.

In 1994, with the rise of the internet, my passion for sharing stories pivoted toward online text-based games – multi-user dimensions or MUDs. A few years later, I started OtherSpace – an original-theme space opera storytelling game inspired by Star Wars, Babylon 5, Blade Runner, and Dune (among many others).

In 2009, I was part of the team that launched Fallen Earth – a post-apocalyptic MMORPG set in the Grand Canyon Province. Last year, after a 10-year run, my beloved Traveler towns scored their last deals and the Cleaners fulfilled their final contracts – GamersFirst shut down the servers to (maybe?) work on a reboot.

Reboots are tricky. I know. I’ve tried with OtherSpace. Several times. I changed the theme a few times over the years. More recently, I took the story from the old PennMUSH platform to Slack for easier access and a lower barrier to entry. Then I entertained the idea of going BACK to PennMUSH, but this time taking the story to the verge of the 51st Century.

And after an initial burst of enthusiasm – I came up with a theme, figured out some factions, started building a grid – I just…couldn’t. It’s not because of the lack of players – we have a few creative folks who remain quite dedicated. Really, it’s me. I’ve come to realize that I’ve tilled that particular soil long enough. I have wonderful memories of OtherSpace in its heyday, but each reboot has been a struggle – trying to bring in new blood, rekindle the return of older players, and engage my own creative energies (all while balancing a job and a family). It just hasn’t clicked.

The simple truth is: I’m done with OtherSpace. But I’m not done.

See, a few years ago, I worked on an indie project for Prologue Games in Durham, N.C., called Knee Deep – a point-and-click adventure that combined film noir, weird Florida, and theatrical stylings. The game launched on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux, in VR, and on PlayStation and Xbox. Rooted in my journalistic background but marinated in the Sunshine State’s reputation for the bizarre, Knee Deep remains close to my heart. (Enjoy, as I do, the concept art shown on this page - and in posts to come! - by artist Mike Inscho!)

That story follows the final days of a tacky tourist trap called Cypress Knee. Spoiler: the town doesn’t make it out alive. But the new MUSH project will invite players to become citizens or visitors to a newly constructed planned development situated on a lake where the old town used to be.

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I'll work on the third and final (for now) "greatest hits" ebook featuring collaborative storytelling from the past of OtherSpace. I'll send it to patrons.
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