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Thank you for supporting me !
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Thank you for supporting me !
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- you can see all of my Sketch 
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About JoJi

Hello!! everyone
        This is JOJIART, welcome to my Patreon
        My name is “God”, but you can call me Jo. I was born in Thailand, and I have lived here for 24 years. I love drawing and painting as a hobby. My passion is to do it on a daily basis. Usually I illustrate about homosexual love. The reason why I love to draw it is because I’m gay. If we are talking about homosexuality, most people will define me as a humiliation. I never acknowledge who defined the borders of sex and force us to love heterosexually. The only thing on my mind is just a personal fancy of sex, which some people will frown upon. I intent to communicate with them that gays are not disgusting, we have some elegant side that they never knew. I will change their opinion throughout my artworks and put my personality in it. My artworks definitely tell my stories. Such as my favorite songs, situation of regret or happiness. It seems my character can tell my proposition same way as my Facebook status. Obviously, my character portrays my feelings. 
         Thank you for the opportunity given to a newbie artist such as myself to impress you.

For your safety as you always support my work, I will send the finished picture to you on the 5th of every month via chat box in patreon for downloading. I do apologize for what I have done. I hope you understand.

 i will be creating 2 original 18+ of artwork and 1 original story per month
(In minimum :)
100% complete
i want to lean English for make the chance in the future and buy Wacom cintiq companion 2 for improving my work
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