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    About Jolene Jang

    What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of world do you want to live in? America is becoming a dangerous place. Hate is exploding everywhere. Asians are being yelled at, spat on, urinated on, attacked with bricks and hammers, stabbed and shot and killed. Daily lives of Asians are being devastated by hate. Anti-Asian hate is everywhere, its in the cities and suburbs, but unless you are the target you don't know about it. The news is a business measured by viewership. Because Asians are less than 6% of Americans, these stories are not covered.

    We need non-Asians to speak up.

    I believe that if you knew this was happening, you would do something about it. Your support will amplify Asian voices and their untold stories, so people will know and can choose to do something.

    I spoke to a friend today who says, I don't have a megaphone. You don't need one. Just talk to the people you know, start a conversation. Little efforts matter.

    You can make a difference. Your contribution through Patreon will support the creation of videos and podcasts, spotlighting Asian experiences.

    Join in to #StopAsianHate and together we will educate city officials, schools administrators and other community leaders to build inclusive, safer neighborhoods. A tiny effort on your part can move mountains. Are you with us?

    Don’t wait, stop the hate.

    I am a grassroots #StopAsianHate advocate, culture explorer, and reporter who specializes in introducing people to Asian American concerns. Asians lived experiences must be heard in order to illustrate the insidious hate and persistent effect on Asians across all aspects of their lives. I am finding their stories and sharing them via video.
    • 95+ videos in 124 days and interviews on raise awareness on #stopasianhate
    • Manage two FB groups and frequent 14 FB groups daily
    • Guest on podcasts and will begin my podcast shortly.
    • Host awareness events and speak on panels.
    • Listen to stories of harrassments, attacks and pain, daily.
    • Reach out to podcasters, youtubers, municipalities. . I've even talked with a nun in Indiana to increase her awareness about the danger of anti-Asian hate. I even a nun in Indiana to increase awareness about Anti-Asian hate
    • Publish a steady stream of posts on Linkedin, Instagram,youtube and facebook

    I am an energetic, entrepreneurial, curious, corporate, joyful, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, swing dancing Seattleite who specializes in building community through creativity and innovation.

    A power learner and speed listener on a quest to discover, I thrive on stepping into the unknown and dabbling in the differences. I am the Culture Explorer, who pops into new environments where I don't belong to meet new people, dives into researching topics I haven't heard of, and eagerly undertakes new adventures I have not dreamt of. I push comfort zones to get a window into other people's lives and then shares her experiences to build community.

    With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience as the Fun Specialist, most of my career was spent working with Fortune 500 companies as a speaker and consultant, teaching their employees how to build more productive teams and maximize meeting effectiveness. I graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a BA in marketing and a passionate lifelong learner. I have been interviewed by Oprah, Today Show and Good Morning America and another 35 news outlets.

    Before Covid-19, I was preparing speeches on diversity and innovation. Always ready to adapt to situations on a moments’ notice.

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    Jump into life! Get engaged, be productive, change it up, push your boundaries, boost your social value, accelerate your learning. Live differently! On my youtube channel I share a variety of exploration of neuroscience, culture, innovation, life and biohacking, peppered with quirky bits of new and different with a fun do it yourself point of view. What's in it for you? You will get curated information sparking your curiosity and motivating you to take on simple challenges to Jump into Life!

    Fought to get a law passed and succeeded in WA state and influenced federal and all the rest of the states. Voyeurism law. At the time 2002 it was this bill move the fasted through move through process.
    • Spontaneous trip to Cambodia for 44 days
    • Built 2 house decks
    • Repairs appliances
    • Biohacker
    • 25 min cold plunge
    • 84 hour fast
    • Pullups in a dress
    • Green DIYER building tech and decor out of random items

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    Empowered Asians Facebook Group:
    Asian Allies Facebook Group

    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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