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In 2015, I started blogging daily about faith, work, creativity, and life on my Medium publication, Higher Thoughts. What started as a personal creative outlet turned into the #1 single-author spirituality publication on Medium with over 70,000 readers - way more than I can fit into my living room. Eventually, my work there has blossomed into my life’s purpose and the ensuing call towards ministry in the Lutheran (ELCA) church (we're the ones who ordain women and LGBT folks - along with straight cis dudes like me). 

And so, here I am, at a precipice. After 1500+ free blog posts and as a midlife seminarian, I want to go deeper into this work to better serve you long into the future. Patreon gives you a way to support my work at whatever level you can to keep my butt in the chair doing what I do best. As a freelance creator, your support allows me to concentrate on creating lots more content without having to worry about paying my bills.

If you find any joy and value in what I do, please consider becoming a Patron.

Thanks so much, in advance. By becoming a patron, instead of money going to ad tech companies who want to monetize your attention spans, this gives you a direct connection to me, my livelihood, and my craft. Though it's a privilege to do the work I do, it's also a time and money-intensive endeavor to be an indy creator such as myself. Your support really (really!) matters.

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