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"People are generous".

I remember the exact moment I heard those words. I was listening to a conversation between two economists discussing the fact that people, when given the chance, are often more than willing to contribute to something worthwhile than our media would have us think.

Since the day that COVID shut down all my travel and speaking I was so unsure about what the future would hold. I spent many days and sleepless nights wondering about what I was going to do. My podcasts were reaching many people across a range of topics but I never wanted to try and create some spammy digital product that I could try and force on people. I also didn't like the idea of 'creating a tribe'. It just felt manipulative and below people's intelligence.

Then, finally, after hearing the conversation that I mentioned above, I just thought that maybe I could simply ask people to make a contribution to support what I was doing. If what I was doing was bringing encouragement and value to people then maybe I could just ask for their help and support.

So, here we are. If you've made it to this page then hopefully you have been encouraged, informed or educated on topics that matter to you. I want to keep doing that. Your financial support allows me to keep trying to serve as many people like you as I possibly can.

Without hubris or arrogance, I hope I can make some small contribution to making the world a better place with the help of your support.

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