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Your generosity is absolutely humbling. Anything more than zero blows my mind. Thank you.
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I make a lot of paintings. About one each day. Once a month, I'll select the best one and mail you a print! There are only one hundred slots in this reward tier. That means only one hundred prints will be made. These are limited prints. They'll be a size that fits in the largest envelope without needing extra postage. Thank you so, so much for your support. You fill me up.
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Every month, I'll send you an original painting! Even I can hardly believe it. Imagine your family and friends asking you, "Wow, where did you get all this great art?" You say, "I got an artist. He sends me his work every month. In fact, he's working on the next masterpiece right now!"




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About Jonathan Gracey

I make watercolor paintings. I make them outside, in the wilderness. Sometimes I bring them home and finish them in my studio. I'm out on the streets everyday exploring and painting. I want you to explore your wilderness, whether it's a mountain, jungle, city, alley, bus stop, or your backyard. While you're there, paint, take pictures, gather leaves, smell, touch, or simply look. I hope my paintings inspire people to look a little closer. The pledges are simple. $3 is an extremely generous and humbling gesture. Thank you. $20 will get you a constant flow of limited prints in the mail. For me, it will help me get outside even more, making my art even better, making your prints even better, making my life even happier. $3,000 will, of course, secure much of my time and talents exclusively. Such a pledge will change my life. Thank you.
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I want my art to inspire courage, creativity, and adventure.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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