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Another Group Collab!
$500 per seven songs.
Last January was collaboration month: Every single day I did a new collaboration with a fan. It was awesome. If I reach $500 a week here on Patreon, I'll do another one!


I make songs.


Westford, VT, USA
Jersey City, NJ, USA

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The Two Sentence Version:  If you're a fan of my music, consider pitching in for as little as $.25 a week. Any amount helps! Your generosity helps me pay the bills so I can focus on making the music I want to make.

The Many Sentence Version: Hello Pretty Potential Patreon Patron Person! If you're reading at this I'm assuming you know at least a little about me, but if you don't, a great place to start would be by clicking "play" on that video up there. It's a 20 minute talk I gave at XOXO in September of 2014 and it sums me up pretty darn well.

But yeah hey let's do the basics: I've been writing and recording and sharing a song a day for the last 2100+ days. I haven't missed a day - Even when I've been sick! I've written through the death of my grandma and the birth of my son. I have songs that only 100 or so people have listened to and I have songs that millions of people have heard. Steve Jobs opened a press conference with one of my songs. I performed a song live on the Rachel Maddow show while Rachel Maddow blew bubbles at me. 

I've wanted to do nothing else with my life since the age of 12.

Song A Day is my creative process unfolding in real time. It's the messy work of creativity - unfiltered and raw. It can be out-there, strange and surprising, but it's always interesting.

It's a lot of work to write a song a day. It's a lot of work to watch every day, too!

I write about what I care about.

I make my living writing by songs on commission. 

It's my dream to make my living solely supported by the folks that like my music. That's the promise of Patreon.

I give away my music for free - so even if you don't/can't support me, you'll still always be able to download and listen to all my songs. 

When you become a supporter, you get a folder each week containing mp3s of that week's songs, along with a blog post which talks about some aspect of the creative process. Check out my archive to get a sense of what I write about.

Thanks for listening!

Keep in mind that whatever amount you donate, it will be that amount x4:
$.25 per 7 songs = $1 a month
$1 per 7 songs = $4 a month
$10 per 7 songs = $40 a month
and so on...

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