Jonathan Pageau is creating Drawings of Ancient Carvings

$1 /mo
Thanks for supporting me.  With 1$ you will have access to full resolution versions of my drawings as well as process sketches and videos. 

$2 /mo
  • Access to high resolution versions of all drawings
  • Exclusive Patreon content including sketches and process videos
  • A set of 10 postcards of the best drawings as voted by patrons. 

$10 /mo
  • A signed limited edition print of the best drawing as voted by patrons 
  • All previous rewards

$25 /mo
For 25$ and above all patrons will receive an actual drawing.  Drawings will be chosen by patrons in order based on highest amounts given and date of pledge.
  • All previous rewards

$50 /mo
  • You get to choose the subject of one of the drawings I will make it and it will be dedicated to you. I will make a video and take pictures of the process which will be posted.  
  • All previous rewards

$150 /mo
  • You will get a carved version of your favorite drawing.
  • I will take pictures and create a video of the process of making the carving and dedicate it to you. 
  • All previous rewards.