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is creating fantasy, science fiction, and gothic novels and short stories.

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About Jonathan Scott Griffin

Greetings! I am a creator of majestic worlds steeped in myth and magic, an architect of vast universes, and an oracle prophesying death and destruction. Or, in simpler terms, I am an author of fantasy, science fiction, and gothic novels and short stories. I want to take you, the reader, onto fantastical journeys to mythic worlds full of gods, dragons, knights, and epic battles, or to a fantasy that is a bit more urban, in which mythical creatures and magic live among us. I want to take you on a rocket ship blasting into the majestic void of space, or to maroon on away from civilization on the farthest planets on the coldest edges of the galaxies. If you desire more fears, have no fear - no pun intended - because I will take you to ancient crypts in which rest the dead and to a world in which people are plagued upon by the supernatural. 

Fiction is a great way to escape reality and yet, by some strange contradiction, it also reflects reality. I want to create books that will transport readers into whole new worlds, helping them escape from the mundane world, while at the same time helping them see the real world in a new light. 

So, now for what my patrons earn. While it's true that my books will eventually be on sale in stores, my patrons will read all of my short stories and novels I post on this site before anyone else does. Furthermore, I will share with you masterful artwork that will be on my front covers. Those who pledge more will be invited to participate in private question and answers conversations. 

While this may sound intriguing, what if you aren't sure if you want to commit? That's totally understandable. That's why I offer free samples. I mean, who doesn't like free samples? Sink the teeth of your mind into some delicate morsels of my writing, to get a taste of my novels and short stories. Hopefully, it will leave you hungry for more. 
15 - reached! patrons
I need to publish my collection of short stories "A Treasure Greater," by January or March of next year. I need a few more patrons to support me. If you have friends, invite them to my page to see if my writing speaks to them. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 99 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 99 exclusive posts

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