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Geopolitics, US Politics, and Cultural Analysis

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About Jon Davis

Who am I and what is the War Elephant?
My name is Jon Davis and I'm a Marine veteran of the Iraq War, teacher, and have also been a writer since 2011. Currently, I run a blog and recently started a YouTube channel called the War Elephant.

Originally, my work centered on writing about everything military, from veterans' issues, warfare and international conflicts, terrorism, military technology, and what it's like to be part of the US military. Since then, my blogs and videos grew to also cover domestic politics, understanding Conservatism, Christian news and views, the unravelling education system, and lighter topics, as well.

All of this combined is why I started my blogs and my YouTube channel, the War Elephant. I wanted to create a single space dedicated to representing people like me, those often overlooked by traditional media and culture at large. Through crowdsourcing and putting my funding out to fans, I’ve been able to broaden my reach from just a few blogs and Quora answers, to be able to reach tens of thousands every day, and now with the start of a YouTube Channel, my hope is to one day reach millions. But to do that, I will need much more help.

Why Patreon:
My day job is as a teacher in Oklahoma, a state of beautiful sunsets and infamous for its terrible teacher compensation. Did I mention I’m also married to a teacher and also have a new baby? So where ends didn’t meet, I turned to my talent. In spite of how much I write, “the craft” is not an easy to turn a living, even for relatively famous writers,, which I am far from being. The work is infrequent, low paying, and irregular. You have to exploit every contact you can to try to sell the idea of an article, which you may not sell after spending hours of work. Even if you do get a bite, it is never for very much. It can take a writer years to develop a fan base worthy enough of gain the clout of demanding decent pay, if he has a good relationship with editors, and if he has a strong venue, and if he is willing to write about only what he is told to by his editors.

Instead, I decided to use Patreon. Patreon allows my fans I already have to support my ability to keep creating directly. Patreon allows you to donate a small amount, like a tip to the girl who made your coffee, every time I publish a piece. Each month, I submit about 8 pieces for pay from patrons. That doesn’t include the dozens of smaller works you may know me for, just the eight big ones each month. And there is even a limit if you want it. You can set a monthly cap, so that you never go over your budget (Again no, all of my answers on Quora don’t get charged on Patreon!)

Patronage allows me to keep the lights on for my family (Cough! New baby girl!) with regular payments that encourage me to be able to create meaningful content and stay independent, meaning I get to write what I want because my words are always my own.

Of course, for that, I need patrons.

What’s in it for You?
Through Patreon, fans of my writing and fans of my show can also be part of making what I do better. This isn’t just begging strangers for money for something that only benefits myself and my family. If you love the content, if its growth and spread are important to you, then donating allows you to help me make my greatest work yet. Once I’ve transitioned to video, the subjects I touch will have access to millions of new viewers and represent vast contingents of people who have never had a voice for them. With absolute sincerity, patrons alone make it possible to do all of this. They are just as crucial to making that happen as myself, and the team that supports me.

To acknowledge that, my rewards for patronage are structured to give patrons access to helping guide the evolution the War Elephant Channel. You’ll find rewards that allow you to meet and network with other War Elephant patrons, get exclusive bonus content to supporters of the show, receive one-on-one time with me and the team, and other rewards in gratitude for your support. You can review all the rewards by checking the Rewards options to the right.

Where your money goes:
Most of the income from Patreon goes directly to household expenses. As I said, a teacher married to a teacher in Oklahoma means ends meeting isn’t always easy. Patronage support gives my wife and me some breathing room to do needed repairs on our aged first home (nearly 80 years old!) and helps give my daughter opportunities neither of us had growing up. Beyond that, it helps me stay supplied by providing subscription fees for hard to find information sources not available in all public outlets, as well as new gear and software.

Through enough continued support, I’ll be able to leave my current job and work from home, full time on creation, and be able to keep my work free to everyone. In the future, I want to expand to a studio, and bring on a staff full time to create even more content like videos, articles, and essays. For that, I’ll need a lot of patronage.

In addition, I try to give back 10% of every month's pledges to other Patreon creators, Kickstarter campaigns, and other crowdsource opportunities I'm passionate about and that I think my patrons would appreciate too, most notably those created by and for military veterans, but other passion projects done by people who are doing great things. I want to foster creative communities for those like the fans of War Elephant and support the good works they are doing. That means your pledges here also help support other projects, artists, and entrepreneurs elsewhere at the brink of their careers.


- Pledges per piece of content
- You can cap your monthly amount
- I make around 8 videos or articles per month on average
- 10% of each month goes back to other great creators
- If you’ve read this far, you know you want to donate and are just looking for a reason not to. Take the plunge and hit that “Become a patron” button already.
- Thank you so much for checking out the page. Every little bit is appreciated!

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Facts are that my current computer is old as the hills. If it works well today, that's a miracle in itself. If it isn't, it can take me at least three times longer just to do what I do. I'd like to correct that problem.
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