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About Jon Del Arroz

I’m Jon Del Arroz, "the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction" according to I'm a #1 Amazon Bestselling and CLFA Book of the Year award winning author best known for my steampunk series, The Adventures Of Baron Von Monocle, and my extremely successful superhero comic, Flying Sparks. I also write a lot of space opera and military science fiction.   

I'm a quick writer. I usually come out with at least something every month. In 2018 I'll be releasing 6 books (one every other month or so), more than a dozen short stories, and I've got more than 300 pages of comic books in process. They'll run the gambit from fantasy, to superhero, to steampunk, to science fiction.

I sell a lot of books to my very awesome and loyal readers, so I didn’t start Patreon as a way to make piles of extra money. I’m basically using it to sell books in a way that lets me keep more of the cover price (95% instead of 35-70%) and cut down my reliance on bookstores and publishers (currently, more than 80% of my income comes from Amazon), and also to make sure the real fans get early access to my work.  

If you support, you get my short stories, comics, and novels EARLY. The shorts might not come out until much later in collections, if at all, and comics will come in as they're produced. I'll also be making videos about my writing and giving some early drafts/deleted scenes for folk to look at as they're in process.

Also -- my books are exclusive to Amazon. If you want these books BEFORE they come out and become exclusive and don't want to use amazon, this is a great way to get them. 

Plus you get to hang out with me in my awesome discord server where we post memes and have some fun.  

How are the ebooks delivered and in what format?  I usually upload PDFs and Kindle Files. 

What's your publishing schedule? These are tentative, and especially with short stories I don't usually know what I'm going to write until I write them and they usually come out fairly immediately, but here's the next few months as of this writing: 
SEPTEMBER: The Fight For Rislandia (Book 3 Adventures Of Baron Von Monocle), "Altered Program"
OCTOBER: Alt-Hero Novel.
NOVEMBER: Make Science Fiction Fun Again Short Story Collection. Dynamite Thor Issue #1
DECEMBER: Flying Sparks Issue #1
JANUARY 2019: Flying Sparks Issue #2
FEBRUARY 2019: Flying Sparks Issue #3, Justified Saga of the NanoTemplar
MARCH 2019: Sanctified, Saga Of The NanoTemplar

And many more planned books in the works.  

How often do you publish?

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