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  • Access to special patron-only polls.
  • My eternal gratitude! No, seriously: thank you! I appreciate it! Every little bit helps!

THANK YOU II: The Squeakquel!

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  • My eternal gratitude, but doubled. No, seriously: Thank you! I appreciate it! Every little bit helps!

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Here, bit-by-bit, I'll post my long-lost 300 strip run of Chip & Walter and Time Trouble, with in-depth, detailed blogposts about how they compare to the new run strips (when applicable)!

In addition—once a month I'll make additional blog posts about previous and current Disney localizations and covers, and Sonic comics with new "cover illustrations" to accompany my professional comics that don't already have them. (Some of this art might later reappear in my portfolio, but all blog texts will remain Patreon only!)




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About Jonathan H. Gray

Hello! I'm Jonathan "WB" Gray, and I’m the guy behind two webcomics called Chip and Walter and Time Trouble! In addition to those, I've also done lots of writing, editing and art for SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog comics and the Disney Comics characters, including but not limited to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Uncle Scrooge! You can find out more about my involvement with those licenses on my personal website!

Since 2001, I've been doing my best to create work that entertains, educates, and elucidates. I firmly believe in the rights of independent creators to fully express their creativity and earn what they are worth.

The personal work I share has always been free to read; that’s not about to change, but I’d love to reach a point where it can support me full-time. And that's where my Patreon comes in!

Your interest and help is paramount to helping both me and my comics move forward. If you’ve ever wanted to...

  • sneak a peek behind the scenes of my personal and professional comics
  • see projects and random sketches I'm currently working on
  • enjoy special art produced just for my friends
  • read blog posts and tutorials on my process
  • access puns... tons of horrible puns

...then this is the place for you! Help me out and I think you’ll like the results!

Alternately, if you like my work but cash is tight—no worries! I understand that too! I'm grateful for whatever you'd like to give. Every little bit helps. I'm incredibly thankful to my fans and friends for all they do. If you'd like to become a patron today, please hit the big orange button that says "become a patron" and select the amount you'd like to pledge! And as always, thank you for your support and for taking the time to read this! Enjoy! ♥

(If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected].)

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No, seriously. It's a start. . Realistically, my goal right now is to fund basic supplies, begin saving for better digital tools, and cover the costs of other day-to-day necessities (a brother’s gotta eat!).
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