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$1 or more per month 33 patrons
Hello friend! 
Thank you so much!  You'll have access to my Patreon feed where you can chat with me and ask questions and we will basically be like friends... perhaps facebook friends where I seem vaguely familiar standing in front of you at the checkout and then have to bum a dollar off you because I am terrible at math and forgot to add in the tax.  You will also have access to our PATRONS ONLY facebook group!  
Coffee Friends
$5 or more per month 23 patrons
Well now we are coffee date friends.
Thank you so much!  Five dollars a month!  That's like having a monthly coffee date with me.  We would probably talk about food and art and parenting, and witchy things and food.  Because food is my life.  So for the cost of the fancy-pants lattes we'd probably order you get to see my food posts! You can also ask me cooking questions and I will answer them.  And of course you will have access to my patreon wordy things too! 
Good Friends
$10 or more per month 11 patrons
Good friends!   
Thank you so much! You like me and think I do nifty things, enough to contribute 10 dollars a month!  That's like having lunch together, or at least going to see a cheap movie. 
I will sometimes have exclusive videos for my $10 patrons- you will get to see me make a recipe, draw/paint/henna or do something crafty.  I make a lot of neat little things, so it will always be a surprise.  You also get all of the things above!  

Sun Porch Friends
$20 or more per month 7 patrons
Sun Porch Friends!
Thank you so much!  Now we are starting to be serious friends.  The sun porch is where we spend our Sundays hanging out with our friends and talking about life. 
So in addition to everything else above, this is where you will have access to more personal posts and videos.  Feel free to sit down with a glass of wine or a beer because I sure will be!

Best Friends
$50 or more per month 1 patron
 Well Now This is Really IS Getting Serious...
Thank you so much!  You are investing in me and I'm going to have to put my serious artist smock on. Not that I have one.  I usually prefer yoga pants and a tank top.  Anyway, you get access to my keto journey and photos, which I don't put on my public social media pages and if anyone ever feels this invested in me I'm sure I will feel morally obligated to put some more fun stuff up just for them.  You also get everything listed above and I might send you cookies and random gifts once in a while as well. 
$100 or more per month 0 patrons
Well Now We Are Family. 
Thank you so much!  You get everything above and I'm going to schedule a skype chats with you like I do with Aunt Maria. Just don't yell at me if the house is messy.  I might send you cookies and random gifts once in a while as well. 
My Dad?
$1,000 or more per month 0 patrons
Hello? Are You My Dad? 
Because you just paid my rent.  Not having to pay my rent each month would sure free up my time for making more art.  If you exist, wealthy patron, I will send you an original, one of a kind, art piece each month. As well as my unending gratitude and kudos,because dude....  you rock!