Jonny Atma is creating Game Music Remixes

GaMetal Warrior

$1 /creation
- Exclusive access to my Patron-only activity feed. Discuss requests, get insider info on secret plans and upcoming songs, early bonus downloads of unreleased material (acoustic shorts, rem...

GaMetal Knight

$3 /creation
- Receive the download for the latest song one day before it's released in both MP3 and WAV format!
- Exclusive access to my Patron-only activity feed. Make requests, get inside...

GaMetal Champion

$5 /creation
- Get a song on the Patreon request list! In short: You tell me 3 songs you want to hear, I'll choose one to put in a drawing each month and the winners will have their requests fulfilled! ...

GaMetal Mage

$7 /creation
(NEW!) - Get your name in the credits at the end of each video! Make the rest of the world aware you're an awesome supporter. :)
- Get a song on the Patreon req...

GaMetal Wizard

$10 /creation
- Once a month, I will record an acoustic short (around 30 to 45 seconds) of your choice!

- If you pledge on this tier or higher during an album release month, you will ...


GaMetal Elite

$15 /creation
(NEW!) - Get TWO songs in the Patreon request list drawings! I'll make an additional pick from your top 3, doubling your chances of getting a song from your list chosen in each drawing. You...

GaMetal Royal

$25 /creation
(NEW!) - Official Medley song choice! Occasionally we have random drawings here for song medleys put together by Patrons. For those in this tier, you get a song put in our Patron medleys wi...