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This is the only tier ya'll.  And I think it's a pretty good one!  Please check out the ABOUT section below to get a better idea of what I'm wanting to achieve with this. 

The main focus is going to be the monthly song and I do want to devote the majority of my time to that, but I've tried to make this as enticing as possible.  If all you can do is $1 then I'm grateful for your support, but if you can pledge more please do!  I certainly won't turn away your $100 monthly pledges :) This is meant to be a PWYW system and I'm hoping that everyone will be able to join up with me regardless of how much money you've got in the bank. 
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  • Fan requests
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About Jonathan Geer

Hello all.  Creating a Patreon page is something I've been thinking about for quite a while so in my mind this has been in the making for years.  I am a composer and most recently I've been working on a lot of video game soundtracks such as Owlboy and Cook, Serve, Delicious 3?!.  I've also written quite a bit of music for libraries and that ends up in all sorts of commercials and TV shows.  It has been fun and I'm grateful to be making a living writing music, but I'm not left with much time to just write the music that I really want to write.  I'm hoping that by creating this Patreon I'll be able to devote more time for these labors of love.

I want to do more of a focus on poetry and music, but it won't be an exclusive focus.  I started writing an art song cycle quite a few years ago and I'd like to create more music based on poems that I might incorporate into that song cycle.  You will get a chance to hear this music before anyone else.  I will also be doing a yearly AMA as well creating some behind-the-scenes content.  The main focus will of course be creating the new pieces.  I want to devote the amount time I need to create something that we can all be proud of!

I'm planning to collaborate with my favorite singer in the world, Tynan Davis.  She has already sung most of the songs I've already written for the art song cycle and she truly brings my music to life in magical ways.  I'd also like to bring on board lots of different live musicians over the months to come, but that will probably depend on how many patrons end up joining me on this musical journey.

I'd love to take your own original poetry under consideration for song material as well.  So if we get enough patrons I'd love to take your submissions a few times a year and hopefully collaborate on something.  I've been using Whitman, Frost and Rimbaud though so get out those pencils and notebooks and give me your best!

I am really excited about being able to create the music I've always wanted to create and I hope that you'll be excited to join me on this journey.  Please feel free to send me a message or ask me any questions.  I'm always open to suggestions too!
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Every patron will receive a PDF download of the sheet music for the original song for the month.
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