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If I ever ended up charging for my screensaver and or Apple TV app, it might be somewhere around here. By no means an obligation to donate to this tier at all if you enjoy it.

If you aren't aware of the Screensaver/AppleTV here's the gist:
• HD images pushed to your device
• Regularly updated with new imagery
• More features coming with further support.





About Jon Way

Hello, Patreon.
I'm Jon Way, a freelance Art Director/Designer who also has also been expanding upon my abilities as a photographer in the background. As a designer, I've won several awards for projects I've led with a balance of innovation and practicality. As a photographer, I've been casually shooting for 15+ years, but have really only started re-focusing on it intently in the last 3. Going forward, I'm seeing a unique opportunity to blend the two worlds in various products such as books and other digital products. While I have far more professional experience in design, I am hoping to leverage my design experience as a means to elevate my photography into a more comprehensive and cohesive offering than found with most other photographers.

That being said, as I'm sure many of you know, photography is expensive. Travel, equipment, and time– all are expensive in their own way, and I've been footing the bill entirely to this point. I love what I do, and regardless if I get support here or not, I will keep creating. This is not a matter of survival, but a means for people to support me on my journey. This is a more practical way for more people to show support even if they don't have the space on the wall, or the disposable income to purchase a print. With enough support, I will also be able to pursue other avenues which haver higher upfront costs like books, or simply be able to travel, shoot and create more.

For me, photography is a free-form creative outlet where I'm not beholden to anyone else's idea, and I intend to keep that way. Any support here will be seen as an endorsement to pursue that vision further, and would greatly appreciate it. My presence on Patreon is not a cash grab, but purely a means to enable my pursuit of photography + design to the extent that I would like.

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