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About JON x NY Time Traveling Artist

JON x NY (pronounced Jonny-X) is the handle of New York street / pop artist William "Bill" Eric Indursky.  JON x NY uses his 30+ years experience as a professional artist and designer to create How To art videos.

JON x NY Time Traveling Artist invites you into his time machine, punching in the date, style and technique of a target era. On arrival, the artist will do a deep exploration and then travel back to our moment to create a new artwork from the uncovered knowledge.

JON x NY is known for his Realist still-life paintings, gold gilded paper cast and constructed sculptures, 3d paper castings, wax sculptures, pop graphic street art, bright patterned fashion design, book arts, miniatures and plaster mold making

He has been Classically trained, studying the Bargues drawing method, holds a Bachelor and Masters in Architecture, a minor in ceramics, studied under two of the 21st-century most important portrait artists and developed and ran several award-winning design business.  JON x NY has worked in this time for companies like Liz Claiborne, J Crew, Adobe, Sony, Panasonic, Ford and many more.   

Time travel with the artist and learn professional techniques to improve any project. 

All aboard to learn from the past and future.
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