is creating Adult ren'py VN games

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About Joraell

About me:
Hi, my nickname is Joraell and I'm an adult game developer. I have already created a few 3D rendered games previously. You can find them below, on this page and they are free to download for everyone. Now I am working on a whole new game called Betrayed. The game runs with Ren'py - available now for patrons for PC and MAC in English and Russian language.
you can find them below
Usualy I'm delivering update for game every 1-1.5 month.

More informations about me and whole last year (2019)

Why support me:
That is a really hard question. Of course, you can find my game on pirate sites and have it for free, but in this case, my game never will look like I have imagined it. With your support, I can make this game bigger, add more content, better sounds, better animations and include more ways how to play it. All money from Patreon I was spending so far was for rendering computers (HERE). And now I want to start cooperating with other developers/artists to make this game better. Because maybe I'm good at making renders and animations, but I'm not that good in other aspects of developing games and I want to make this game perfect. I can do it with your support. You see how the game looks now, just think about how it can look with a bigger budget.

Recent game:

Released games:
Ordinary Day
I'm sorry but this game cannot be published thru Patreon.

Our hero has the last month of his holidays, before attending college in the fall. How will he use his time before holiday ends; depends on you.

Ordinary Day 2 Prologue/DEMO

The story continues; our hero Nick is traveling to the college. This prologue is made to demonstrate how my second game "Ordinary day 2" will look like. And what new features it will use.

Ordinary day 2: College experiance ver: 0.45F
I'm sorry but this game cannot be published thru Patreon.

Nick is finally attending college. There will his adventure continue. Everybody knows, how many good looking girls there are in colleges. But does Nick have a chance to get them? That is up on you to decide: the player.

Games in development:

Game is released in English and Russian language for PC and MAC.
The Betrayed is an erotic novel in which you are the hero and you decide how the story goes! Whole game is made in Ren'py engine. Models and locations are rendered and sex scenes fully animated, say goodbye to looped 3 second lenght animations (To see animation samples you must become 1usd patron. " Patreon rules"). Walk in the shoes of an unnamed protagonist who has accident and signed a pact with the devil to become a powerful spirit, who can possess various npcs and slowly grows stronger. This makes the Betrayed unique as you do not control only one character, but many more during your journey. Whole game is set into modern times asset of small city. Just think about it, you can became almost anybody to get any girl you want. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey now!

Game features:
  • Fully animated scenes not only the sex scenes. More than 190 right now
  • English and Russian language support
  • High-Quality renders. More than 2700 right now
  • 4+ hours of gameplay
  • Interactive map
  • Movement system
  • Inventory
  • PC and MAC release

What fetishes game contains?

  • Voyeurism
  • Striptease
  • Breast/butts expansion and growing
  • Big breast
  • Oral sex
  • Anal sex
  • Masturbation


Depending on actual 142 ratings.
Enjoy the game!
Animation preview:
Animation previews with sexual/erotic content is not allowed on patreon for free. You must became patreon, because of age restrictions.

Graphic preview:

You can also find my other works on my Deviant Art page.

$708.76 of $1,000 per month
RTX time. Time for upgrade my 1080 rig to RTX cards.  To get faster renders with denoiser.
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