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My undying gratitude, along with access to any patron-only posts.

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The above rewards, PLUS access to a monthly Story Behind the Story podcast, where I talk about the writing process behind each book.


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All the above rewards, PLUS an electronic copy of every new book, novella, or short story I produce on my own (basically anything that isn’t part of an anthology or co-written) as ...


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All of the above, PLUS I’ll send you a signed print copy of each new novel as it becomes available, mailed to you (yes, including internationally). In addition, yo...

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All of the above rewards, PLUS a copy of each new audiobook as it becomes available!

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OMG, you’re amazing! All of the above, PLUS I will list you in the Acknowledgements of every new story I produce. I’ll also mail you any new swag, including limited edition...