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About Jordan Robinson

My name is Jordan and I write fiction, all the way from fantasy (Amazon) to romance (Amazon). After graduating from college in 2013 and going through several less-than-stellar jobs, I think I've finally found my calling. I've worked on a landscaping crew (ow, my back), as a security guard at Target (so much standing), and in a call center where I guided people who refused to listen through copy and pasting.

But as of March 2017, I've quit the 9-5 life. I'm writing my fingers off and I'm hoping you'll support me.

I have about a thousand dollars in personal bills (rent, medical insurance, auto and student loans) in addition to the costs that come with self-publishing. Ignoring the publishing costs, about a thousand would be the minimum for me to be self-sufficient after my savings run out. I would be more than thrilled if you would help make this dream a reality. Quitting was half the battle, now I will keep writing for both you and me.
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If we can reach halfway to my 1K necessities goal, I will be able to spend more time writing! I won't have to get a part-time job at Panera.
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