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Hello, lovely people! I expect you'd like to know why I'm setting up a Patreon account?

First up, I'm a writer of gay (that's male/male) romance fiction. Often extremely filthy romance fiction, with a good dollop of humour thrown in for good measure. I have a backlist now of over a dozen novels and novellas, along with heaps of short stories ( check them all out on my website!). All are available as ebooks, most as paperbacks, and I'm hoping to get them all into audiobook format too over the next few years. I originally worked with digital publishers, but have gradually made the move to self-publishing as more and more digital publishers bite the dust. On the plus side, that does mean I now have creative and administrative control over my entire backlist, even if it does mean more time spent doing the "boring bits" of publishing.

Well, after a year of juggling looking after a toddler with getting all my Samhain backlist self-published after they closed doors, I'm now in the unenviable position of having very little royalty income and no new titles in the pipeline (unless you count the m/m sci-fi novel I originally wrote as a serial on my blog years ago, which I am currently editing into an ebook). Quite frankly, a little bit of regular income would be absolutely smashing and make a huge difference to my ability to start "Project Backlist Audiobook" (needs a snappier title!) along with providing the funds to help me self-publish my next book. Self-publishing does require a hefty chunk of funds upfront for cover art, professional content editing and copy editing, all of which I insist on to help ensure I'm putting out the very best books I can.

This is my first planned audiobook, once I raise enough money:

But more than simply a financial incentive, I want to get involved with Patrons because I'm one of those writers who thrives on a deadline. I used to find my motivation to write from having publisher deadlines, but since I don't really want to get involved with publishers again (I've been burned too many times now) I need somebody else to hold me accountable and spark my inspiration. I crave that regular interaction with fans of my writing, and I'd love to get your feedback on works in progress as well as your suggestions on what I should write next. I'm going to need all this extra motivation to keep my word count up when child #3 arrives in May 2018!

And I want to give something to all of you, too. Writing can be a lonely pursuit and it makes all the difference to know that you have people cheering you on. So I want to say thank you for that by providing you with all kinds of goodies, in the form of my new ebooks free for all Patrons, and exclusive new fiction before anyone else sees it along with opportunities to give feedback on my work in progress for the Patrons on higher tiers. Should anyone go for the highest level of support there's also the opportunity for me to take you on a guided tour of my book locations in either Bath or Bristol if you happen to be visiting the area. I'll even take you out for tea and biscuits! Or a pie and a pint if that's more your thing :)

I'm thoroughly grateful to everyone who supports my writing, and I want to give you all the very best gay romance fiction I'm able to wring out of my brain. I'm confident that interacting with you all here will be a motivating force for me and enable me to get back into that regular writing habit I really miss.

Oh, and why the biscuits? Well, I'm British, aren't I?! There are few things that say British quite like dunking a biscuit in a milky cup of tea ;-) (disclaimer: I will not be able to send you all biscuits. Sorry!)

Big hugs,

Jo x

PS, as I'm new to this please bear with me if I need to make small adjustments to the reward tiers during the first few months. Don't worry: I promise I will always honour the reward you signed up for that month, and keep you all updated if I do make any changes. Rewards are more likely to improve than not!

PPS: please feel free to give me any feedback (even critical) on what I'm offering here. I want to make this work well for everyone involved, so would love your suggestions on how to improve things.

PPPS: the small print- I will send out physical and virtual rewards once your payment has cleared.

Biscuit image credits: Rich Tea by  Sean Whitton, Ginger Nut by  JaredZammit, PInk Wafer by  Pilettes, Shortbread Round by  Hortensja Bukietowa, Bourbon by  Aravind Sivaraj, Chocolate Digestive by  James Bowe.
All biscuit images are shared under  CC licences and all are unaltered from the originals, except for cropping of the shortbread round and chocolate digestive, and colour adjustment of the pink wafer. It wasn't actually pink to begin with!

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  • All future new ebooks, in the format of your choice, sent to you on the day of release.
  • Access to Patreon feed, with at least one new post each week, giving insider information about what I'm working on and other random musings. Possibly photos of my cats, children and dressmaking projects too.
Ginger Nuts
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  • All future new ebooks, in the format of your choice, sent to you at least two weeks before publication.
  •  Sneak peeks of new covers and blurbs before anyone else. 
Pink Wafers
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  • All the above benefits.
  • At least one post a month of new fiction, which could be WIP snippets, flashfics, outakes or deleted scenes. This writing will remain exclusive to Patrons for at least six months, after which time I might publish some of it to my regular blog. 
  • The opportunity to vote on which of the above you'd like me to write for you.  
  • Monthly Q&A posts with either me or one of my characters. You will get the opportunity to vote on who gets interviewed each month, and submit your questions for them.
Custard Creams
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  • All the above benefits.
  • All future audiobooks, sent to you on the day of release.
  • One ebook from my backlist (one time only offer)
  • At least one chapter a month of my current work in progress (and occasional short stories).  This writing will remain exclusive to Patrons for at least three months, after which time it will be published as an ebook.
Shortbread Rounds
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  • All the above benefits.
  • Three additional ebooks from my backlist (one time only offer)
  • One signed backlist paperback of your choice (UK residents only) - one time only offer.
  • Personal mention in acknowledgements of all my future books while you remain a Patron at this level.
Bourbon Creams
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  • All the above benefits.
  • All the ebooks from my backlist (one time only offer)
  • One signed backlist paperback of your choice. Sent worldwide. This would be a second paperback for any UK residents (one time only offer)
Chocolate Digestives
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  • All the above benefits.
  • One additional signed backlist paperback of your choice. Available worldwide (one time only offer)
  • An annotated early manuscript of one of my stories. You will be given the choice from a list of what's available. Sent worldwide.
  • The opportunity for me to take you on a personal guided walking tour of my book locations in either Bath or Bristol, should you be visiting the area.
  • A character named after you (or by you!) in one of my books.
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Buy a professional quality voice recorder and dictation software so I can (hopefully) keep up a good word count when the baby arrives.
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