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About fornclake


Hello everyone! My name is Joseph Lesko. I am also known as fornclake on YouTube. I create games using the fantastic open source game development tool Godot Engine. I also create tutorials on how to use the engine on YouTube and my website,

My tutorials range from creating basic RPG movement to full-on recreating "The Legend of Zelda." I have many more tutorials planned on both 2D and 3D development with Godot. I will also be creating multiplayer tutorials covering peer to peer connections and the authoritative server model. I have a couple examples of those projects on my channel. 

I also regularly stream game development. I try to explain everything that I am doing, be it new features or debugging. Even if they aren't scripted videos, I believe the streams are valuable for learning new ways to create your game.

Why Patreon?

I have had this Patreon page since around August 2018. While game development is a big hobby of mine, the process of creating new videos is much harder than turning on my mic for ten minutes. Writing the scripts, recording and rerecording the footage, editing it together, and uploading the video takes time. Getting income from Patreon means I don't need to spend that time at a part-time job. I am still a student, so I would not be able to balance school, work, and this. Any amount I make here, even if it does not make as much as a real job, still makes spending this time worth it.


Something that I have been wanting to do for a while is game development commissions. This includes creating a short game/tech demo for you OR a full video tutorial on the subject. I will also be streaming the creation of your commission so you (and anyone else) can see the full process. If you are interested, message me to see if I can make what you want. If it is too big of a commission, I don't want you to be out of your money without knowing if it can be done. Prices may vary depending on the time or difficulty of the commission. 

Loose prices, could be more or less! These are just ideas.

Tech demo: The main gameplay of a game style of your choice. It will not have detailed art but will have enough to let you replace sprites. I can also use sprites you provide. All of the code will be commented so you can adjust as needed. I will take projects that take around 3-5 days, and you will get it back in two weeks. $30-50 depending on time/difficulty.

Tutorial: Full 10-20 minute tutorial. If it is something you have seen me cover in a stream but I haven't made a tutorial, here is how you can put it on the front burner. If it is something I am already planning to make I will let you know. Tutorials will be in both text and video form. $50-75 depending on if I have already done it before, and time/difficulty.

Commissions are currently on Patreon but I can also do PayPal. If you pledge to my Patreon you can request a new commission every month, but again, prices may depend on difficulty. I am also very open to discuss the price. If you can't pay $30, we can see what we can do. These ballpark numbers are also subject to change after I have done some commissions.


$53 of $100 per month
At $100, I will commit to releasing at least one new tutorial a month, plus commissioned tutorials.
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